So, what's all this stuff,
about the Blue Moon,
and Aristotle,
and some legend,
and rest of it?

It's quiet downtown,
in between shifts,
is when you can hear that neon,
just crackling and buzzing away.

Sounds to me like that fly,
in the kitchen,
you know the one,
try to grab it with your hand,
and it always slips out of your grasp.

And then there's that moon out tonight,
sometimes I think I could grab it with my hand,
but it always just slips away,
from my grasp.

But like Aristotle says,
"if it was meant to be,
it would be"
he sits down the counter from me,
and writes stuff down like I do.

Most everybody here says he's crazy,
he orders his eggs scrambled,
then parts them with his fork,
like Moses or something,
and pours ketchup right down the middle.

He tells us that it's just,
a simple lesson in physics,
a chicken based illustration,
of the nature of the universe,
and the heart marooned on the island,
of true love.

You know, after a couple cold beers,
that theory makes a lot more sense,
to me as I write it down in my book.

Well it seems that me and Aristotle,
have this counter and diner,
all to ourselves tonight,
so we may as well split a few beers,
and thoughts and what's that big moon out tonight?

"If you're gonna understand this crazy universe,
you got start somewhere,
and here is somewhere,
now let me ask you a question,
how did the Blues come to be invented?"

"This is where we begin,
not going anywhere else,
and then he orders the scrambled eggs,
which arrive in short order.

But this time there is a surprise,
"Miss, could you bring me two maraschino cherries?"
and I may as well get another round of beers to see,
what he's up to, too.

"You see,
the universe is made up of...
things (the cherries),
and stuff (the eggs)"

"Stuff is what's in between,
the things, get it?"
And with that,
his hand reaches for the fork.

Like an symphony conductor,
his hand manipulates that fork,
like a baton,
with purpose and precision.

And his other hand,
his other hand...
reaches for that bottle of,
red ketchup.

"Now let's get down,
to business".

With one cherry on the front of the plate,
and one cherry on the back of the plate,
his eyes widen and glisten,
Moses is about to do it again.

The maestro began to part the egg sea,
with a deftness and deliberateness,
the channel was excavated,
and then flooded with a stream of ketchup.

"You see, it's all about logic,
like the blues,
yet profound and complete."

"The universe is all about getting there,
between the things,
through the stuff,
you just need a pathway."

"Know who the greatest physicist,
of our time is?
BB King"