A “Tedious tedious tedious”

Z “What is”

A “Pouring over hundreds of my images”

A “Meticulous inspection of every blasted millimeter”

A “It must be here somewhere here”

D “What”

A “A clue”

Z “What is a clue”

A “Somewhere, hidden in an image is a clue”

A “But where where where and what am I searching for”

A “Wait a dog gone minute, what is that there”

Z “What where”

A “Zoey of Fundy, look very very carefully at the lower right corner”

A “What do you see”

Z “Um...a little thingy”

A “Indeed, but that is no ordinary thingy”

D “OK”

A “That is the ancient mariner’s symbol for...”

Z “Yes”

A “Shussh, I can only whisper, lest the secret be revealed to others”

Z “Yes”

A “Buried Treasure”